Wednesday, November 29, 2017

When PM meets SysEngr

Project manager
  • Here's your task
  • Here's your budget
  • Here's your schedule
  • Keep your head down; focus on the task; don't get distracted
System Engineer
  • Here's your environment and context
  • Here's your interface
  • Consider the chaotic and integrating effects
  • Keep your head up; look around you; be aware of other stuff going on  
Hello! Did I hear "keep your head down" and "keep your head up"? Focus, but look around; don't get distracted, but be aware of other stuff?
Well yes! You did. What's your problem?
The problem, of course, is conflicting agenda, the tension -- somewhat natural -- between the project people and the systems people.
And what balances this tension? RISK, of course. It's the project balance sheet I describer elsewhere in this blog: two influencers in tension, and someone has to accept risk to ensure the stresses of each are managed. 
  • Budget and schedule are at risk with chaotic and integrating effects
  • Head's down focus is at risk with other stuff going on
And, who is the ultimate risk manager? The project manager ... none other. The buck stops there, always has, always does

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