Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Principles and conviction and blocking

" [He] was a man with principles but no convictions; a man whose sensitive and intelligent gifts were accompanied by no positive agenda. He was ... content to let others take the lead"
Arthur Herman

With no agenda, "He was ... content to let others take the lead". I add this: only content insofar as principles are not compromised. Thus, many, but not all options are on the table.

All things changeable
The hazard here is, of course, the last one he hears is likely the one he goes with. And, the further hazard is whatever he decides, it is not "sticky". That is: decisions are subject to change, unless there is a stubbornness.

All things blocked
Then you get a principled stubbornness with no particular agenda to be stubborn about!

And that is really frustrating: Someone gets dug in, gets in a blocking position, simply because it's the first thing they decided and now they don't want to change. The classic definition of a blocker! ("It's the principle of the thing .... !)

Now, I would never argue against having principles but I would argue for "emotional intelligence" to know when you are the child in the room. Perhaps you should listen to the adults .....

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