About Project Management

 Let's begin here:

Projects are instruments of business strategy.

The project manager’s mission:
Manage assigned resources to deliver the value expected,
taking measured risks to do so

I've been doing this a long time, having served as a Program Manager for a major US Defense agency, a Portfolio Director for Harris Corporation, and as an IT professional and independent consulting principal.

So, my ideas about project management are informed not only by large scale, the public sector, missions that are critical, but also by the practicalities of making it work in business.

My major focus now is adult education: distance learning for project professionals. I've lived in Europe and worked in many countries, and it seems the yearn for knowledge is universal and, for now, unsated.

You can see more of my thinking by viewing my work products on Slideshare.

And, be sure to buy my books! There are available at any online book retailer. Then you'll know what I really think of project management.

Oh! Did I mention my book on Agile, Project Management the Agile Way, is now in its second edition? Updated material, and some new stuff! And, in all the paper and e-formats