Saturday, November 18, 2017

Plans without resource control

I've been involved in a frustrating project for a while now:
  • My sponsor only understands fixed scope, price, and schedule
  • All my resources work for 3rd parties
  • The 3rd parties' interests only partially align with my sponsor's interests
  • My sponsor can make no commitments of resources since the sponsor "owns" no resources
  • My sponsor keeps asking for a project plan -- mostly, a project schedule
Let's review:
Schedules generally reflect feasibility of scope, capability to finance, and commitment of interests to the project objective 

Fair enough!

My project's scope is feasible.  Check off one
My sponsor and 3rd parties have the money (yea!) lacking only (only!) willfulness and priority (boo!)

My sponsor is committed (and involved) -- yea!;
My 3rd parties can't seem to get themselves committed, but they admit they're involved (semi-boo!)
And, the schedule is thus --- ?
There is no schedule ... only constant pushing on reluctant 3rd parties


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