Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Project Office relevance

It's probably career limiting if you don't keep your project office relevant to your business

Fair enough

Tom Friedman has some advice along that line of thinking, which I paraphrase:
Analyze -- seek out and take in data; reduce it to information; understand the importance and relevance to your operation; be able to find the needle routinely, not by exception
Optimize -- avoid too-local optimization; seek lean wherever possible; always test for value-add
Customize -- provide the uniqueness of one but with the efficiency of reuse or replication; make it seem like a custom fit and finish even if it's not
Predict --  look forward, of course, extrapolating from history, but be cautious not to over use history; predicting innovation and creative destruction is filled with potholes. Where will the guy below you come up to steal your business? What are your vulnerabilities, like dragging around a legacy installed base? Sometimes, you just have to drop the headphone jack, even if you love it!
Digitize and automate -- AI is the buzz, but use automation to replace all but the higher skill cognitive-intense tasks. And, of course the latest: automate automation.

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