Tuesday, September 24, 2013

What project management means to me

This posting is my contribution to today's "flashblog" organized by Shim Marom who hangs his hat at Quatmleap  (actually, his hat hangs upside down since he is in Australia). The common theme: "What project management means to me"

Well, hopefully it means to mean what it means to the business:
A leadership and management wrapping around project activity that adds value (to the business) by delivering predictable results for the business.   
If PMs can't deliver results to the business -- pretty much the way the business expects them -- what purpose do we serve -- really?

I always think first in terms of mission -- and so, the PM mission is simply this:
The project manager’s mission is to manage assigned resources to deliver the value expected, taking measured risks to do so
And, I think second about why we do projects at all:
We do projects because they are an important means to extract value from opportunity ... by managed application of resources,taking measured risks to do so.
And so what is value?
Project value is equal to, or greater than resources committed to the defined scope and risks taken to achieve favorable accomplishments. The cost of the project is not it's value; it's value is what difference it makes to the enterprise, either on the balance sheet or the mission scorecard.
And so this is it for me... there's another 40 to read on this same subject today!

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