Sunday, September 15, 2013

A bit more on change management

There are endless tips on change management. It seems like everything is at an inflection or tipping point, and just a bit of management will move it along nicely.

So, among others, John Butman has weighed in on this topic with some useful stuff. He says:
  • Accumulate evidence to gain influence... fair enough in this era of "Big Data" and meta-everything
  • Align with a metric... a close relative to the first bullet, especially one that's on the business scorecard and affects pay -- those are the best!
  • Reduce abstract ideas to real practices... something that's actionable is always influential driving change
  • Create a meme! ... in effect, a logo or surrogate for your change idea (See: mobile!)
  • Show up in person to push your idea ... this is somewhat related to not being abstract, and include your personal narrative
  • Expect backlash -- practice both defense and offense

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