Friday, September 13, 2013

Six tips for how to fail at data-driven decisions

Sometimes, various blogs on how to fail are not all bad -- not exactly optimism, to be sure -- but valuable nonetheless for the glass-half-empty crowd as well as we glass-half-fullers.

So, in working through my mobile reader, I came across six tips for how to fail at being data-driven in your decision making. Of course, in this day of the meme of "Big Data", not being data-driven is almost like being the anti-Christ. If one is not data-driven, one almost has to hide in the closet.

Nonetheless, it's possible to fail quite easily, as we learn from Thomas Redman with this posting: "Become More Data-Driven by Breaking These Bad Habits"
  • Go with your intuition -- data not necessary
  • Rig the system to hide the inconvenient
  • Second guess others to put them on the defensive
  • Allow paralysis of analysis ... just one more data item and I'll decide ....
  • Allow group think -- in effect, no real critical thinking
  • Be arrogant! You have all the answers

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