Monday, September 9, 2013

Think! ... Then, believe

Our quotation today comes to us from Larry Ellison
"Think! .. Then, believe"
And, so what's that about?  In a few words: don't believe what you read on a blog, and don't take as gospel the "accepted truth" without validating for yourself. The validating thing requires thinking. Once validated, then you can run it around as a belief, confident that the belief is actionable.

Ellison's poster child for this philosophy: the common "wisdom" -- circa early 1970s -- that relational databases are slow, and their architecture makes them slow. Throwing "big iron" at a relational database might help a bit, but in the end, they are not business worthy.

Ellison chose to think about this, rather than believe the common wisdom; now he is billionaire with a big company behind him, and the database SMEs of the day are mostly middle class retirees!

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