Monday, July 29, 2013


As project managers, we are always on the scout for excellent project resources. If you're in a matrix environment, then you probably depend on functional department managers to train their people and provide projects with the latest skills.

Competence in the programming language QUIPPER may be one of the skills you'll be looking for. It's a new language developed to handle quantum computing. In an essay in New Scientist we learn that Quipper is the first practical, high level programming language for the quantum class of computers.
Quipper is designed to express instructions in terms of bigger concepts, and to make it easy to bring together multiple algorithms in a modular way
Peter Selinger of Dalhousie University in Halifax, Canada, and colleagues have brought the field up to speed by creating Quipper ,
Quipper's creation was funded by IARPA, the US Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency, in order to pin down how many bits a quantum computer would need in order to outperform a classical one on certain tasks.  

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