Thursday, July 11, 2013

About the PM's Mission

Ever tried to write a mission statement for the project manager (not project management, per se)? I have. Here's what I came up with:
The project manager’s mission is to manage assigned resources to deliver the value expected, taking measured risks to do so
Why do I like that way of putting it? Because:
  • It's got input, output, and risk all tied in
  • It's not about scope, it's about value
  • You can't do projects if you have no appetite or tolerance for risk
  • It works in the private sector, but it also works for public sector and non-profit or NGO sectors
And, you can link the mission with what I think of as the project equation:
Project value is equal to, or greater than resources committed to the defined scope and risks taken to achieve favorable accomplishments
I like that "equation" idea because it segues nicely into this idea:
The cost of the project is not it's value; it's value is what difference it makes to the enterprise, either on the balance sheet or the mission scorecard.

Mission and value... that's the whole package!

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