Saturday, August 8, 2020

Velocity is not what it used to be

Yes, velocity is rate that the project can produce "throughput" [the stuff that is valuable to the customer, not the detrius of project paperwork]

Some things are running a bit slower than it used to be:
  • Supply systems are more choked because workers and materials are missing and limited along the way
  • People on H1B's are MIA
  • Relationships are slower to develop virtually, robbed as they are of the bonding experience of informal interaction
  • Processes are being redesigned -- and debugged -- on the fly to accommodate virtualness
  • Metrics and measurements are not entirely relevant the way they used to be; changes are required to get relevant again
  • Lack of office and campus perks are pushing the labor force to less efficient workdays
Ah, but some things may be better -- or run faster -- where there is less:
  • Complexity of communications declines exponentially with fewer participants [there are 8 ways to arrange communications between three people, but 15 ways with four people]
  • Lean may be in for a new renaissance: we just don't need some stuff, and so pitch it!
  • Some costs may be less as physical space is used less
But then there are hazards that could be velocity speed bumps, some new, some more intense:
  • Your pay may become "localized" to where you are. If you're in the country, you may not lose any salary, but you may be capped
  • Culture changes may go to quick-step. Can you keep up?
  • Cyber security is on everybody's list. Working remotely provides entry for all manner of hazards
  • Lack of spontaneous interaction, which is the seed corn for innovation, may slow down new ideas, but then: who would know if the idea never pops up?

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