Monday, August 17, 2020

National Research Cloud

From the press
Leading universities and major technology companies agreed on [in late June, 2020] to back a new project intended to give academics and other scientists access to the computing resources now available mainly to a few tech giants.

The initiative, the National Research Cloud, has received bipartisan support in both the House and the Senate. Lawmakers in both houses have proposed bills that would create a task force of government science leaders, academics and industry representatives to outline a plan to create and fund a national research cloud.

This program would give academic scientists access to the cloud data centers of the tech giants, and to public data sets for research

For many PMOs, a large-scale data warehouse of research artifacts is simply out of reach. Likewise, the large-scale computing power necessary for "deep" learning and training is often beyond the pale.

But, possibly no more.Whereas the largest tech companies can collectively spend billions on data centers and their operations, few outside that community can afford to participate.

Depending on how the rules are set up for access and payment, it may be possible for the lesser funded private and university labs to get in the game. Let's hope so!


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