Sunday, August 23, 2020

Join the project from your childhood bedroom

It seems bizarre to think about it, but newbies to the workforce, and thus new to the project, may be working from home from the very desk they used in the 7th grade.

This jarring possibility is discussed in a news article wherein some of the hazards we've all thought about are put in the context of working from the bedroom you grew up in.
  • There's a professional atmosphere that's missing if you're surrounded by your high school stuff (Suggestion: redecorate for adult business)
  • The 'welcome-on-board' ritual -- done virtually -- may be more limited and less engaging.
  • You may not meet your project or team leader in person for a long time (working in different cities, etc) -- or ever!
  • From your old bedroom, you may not appreciate or share a culture that others acquired when the workplace was physical. But not to worry: that "physical-dominated culture" will fade over time if virtual is the new normal.
  • Opportunities to connect personally and form relationships that will help your career and help shape your future may be deferred
  • You may have been a leader in high school, but opportunities to demonstrate leadership early on -- as a professional --  may be more limited
And, if you are sitting on your bed waiting on a government clearance:
Waiting alone rather than in a group can be not only boring in the extreme, but, as a practical matter, it will be hard to not fall through the crack with others with whom you should be connecting.

(Suggestion: show initiative and ask for an unclassified task to do, and a mentor with whom to work on the task)

Yikes! Is all this the new normal, or just a passing nightmare?

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