Thursday, July 27, 2017

See when there is no light

One idea -- among many -- on the qualities of leadership:
"A leader hears when there is no sound and sees when there is no light."
James Colvard
Perhaps so.
But that certainly leaves the rest of us 'in the dark', to say nothing of the 'sound of silence'.

A leader with such extrasensory sight and sound better also be a good visionary translator and enunciator, because that leader will have to be the author of all the stuff managers will need to see and hear and visualize -- no one else can really do it.

Command presence
But, of course, that leader is going to need more than a good story board. 'Command presence' is what is needed to attract the crowd and lead them to the promised outcome. I suggest you can only get so far with a directive style; you're going to need believers -- the faithful -- who will stick with you until they too can see "it" and hear "it"

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