Friday, July 14, 2017

Quantum physics drives the GDP

35% of the US GDP depends on quantum physics
Theoretical Physicist
(TV Interview with Charlie Rose)
Talk about a case for science at the most inquisitive level! There you have it.

Quantum Physics wasn't really discovered until about 1920. Now, about 100 years later, it runs the world? Holly cow!

I wonder how the business case and backlog looked for that project?  Of course, it wasn't a project; it was a mission and a curiosity.

IBM and Microsoft, to name two prominent names, put zillions of dollars into basic research each year. We shouldn't be looking for the strategic payoff next week.(*)

(*) Of course, "Big Pharma", and all manner of others also fund basic research, to say nothing of the federal government -- National Science Foundation, etc
Then, to make it happen, we need applied research and even [gasp!] engineering

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