Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Hybrid principle

Doing a hybrid agile-traditional project? Many do; perhaps [gasp!] most real projects are hybrids. You can't really do Agile all the time everywhere on everything.

And, so, inevitably, we come to the Hybrid Operating Principle.(*)

Hybrid operating principle
Somewhat different from the Agile principles we all know and love, the hybrid operating principle is the foundation for a hybrid of Agile and traditional methods that could co-existing in the same project

Hybrid Operating principle
Agile projects are simultaneously strategically stationary and tactically iterative and emergent

We mean by “strategically stationary” that:
  • Whenever and wherever you look, the project has the same strategic intent and predictable business outlook—traditional methods require this, but business planners do also.
  •  Strategic intent is what is expressed by the business for the opportunity and vision of the project
  •  Strategically predictable business outlook is the outcome that is expected of the project, typically expressed as the mission, but also found on the business scorecard
We mean by tactically iterative and emergent that:
  • Flexibility is delegated to development teams to solve issues locally; 
  • Teams are empowered to respond to the fine details of customer demand while respecting strategic intent in all respects;
  • Teams are expected to evolve processes in order to be lean, efficient, and frictionless in development.

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