Friday, February 26, 2016

HR Triangle

I was wrestling with some HR issues on the project recently and my thoughts more or less coalesced around this idea:
There's an HR triangle with these three sides:

  • Context: the job description and duties within the context of the project
  • Benchmark: salary and benefits paid elsewhere for similar jobs in similar context, according to experience or qualifications
  • Fit: the specific candidate's fit re the context and the benchmark

  • So here's the point:
    • A candidate may be qualified eleswhere but not in context and thus the benchmark compensation does not apply; or 
    • A candidate may be qualified in context but the benchmark doesn't support the salary demand; or 
    • The candidate is simply not qualified and thus no fit. 
    Just because there's a candidate at the ready, and a benchmark that supports the position, doesn't mean the peg fits the hole.

    This may seem obvious until someone approaches and says: "That person deserves a raise", or "That person should be put in the job". No, if the triangle doesn't close, look elsewhere!

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