Monday, November 2, 2015

Hey! It's here .. a new book on Agile

It's here!
Or, at least it's in your favorite online bookseller's store

The SECOND EDITION of my book: "Project Management the Agile Way; making it work in the enterprise, 2nd edition"

How is second edition different? Let me count the ways:
  • Each chapter is now modular, with module objectives, and support for each objective in the module (Oh!, value delivered with every module... that sounds Agile!)
  • Each module ends with a "discussion for critical thinking" You can't write all this stuff down, but you can think -- for yourself -- about it. Want to know how I would think about these discussions? There's a discussion guide on-line at the publisher... instructions for access are given in the book
  • New white papers support and expand the book's text. Again, these are on the publisher's website
  • New chapters in the book, specifically on "Agile in the waterfall" and "Transitioning to Agile"
Did I mention the Table of Contents?

Need an order form? I thought you might. I just happen to have one:

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