Sunday, August 2, 2015

2nd Edition -- later this year for sure!

Hey! the 2nd edition is coming later this year, certainly before the snow flies too deeply (somewhere, but not here: I live in Florida, USA)
  •  There's all new content in chapters 4 and 12 about "agile in the waterfall" and transitioning to agile in an enterprise context
  • Of course, there's familiar content from the first edition, spruced up a bit with lessons learned, and made even more relevant to the enterprise context
  •  And, the book's architecture has been restructured to look more like an agile project to facilitate learning and teaching: each chapter is like a release; each chapter is divided into modules -- like a sprint; and each module is a useful deliverable. 
The 1st edition made the list of best books on agile two years in row. I'm grateful for all the readers who voted for the book, and of course I'm most grateful for all the readers who bought the book and made it possible to update and issue the 2nd edition.

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