Thursday, July 30, 2015

Are you persuasive?

Leading without authority... or, leading with authority. In either case, you've got to be persuasive on the big issues. (On the small bore stuff, you can demand or direct, but not so on the biggies)

Mike Clayton has some good ideas along this line, to which I've added my own commentary:
Facts are never enough
Facts come from history. A lot of persuasion is all about the future, and there are no facts about the future. Nonetheless, a command of history just reinforces your hand

Attitudes matter
Amen to this one. A less-than-genuine attitude that you are directing traffic is detected immediately and undermines your case

People like people...
We're social, and most people have some core competency in social abilities. So, use them to your advantage.  Make a friend.

Don't ask - don't get
They say there's nothing to lose; but not so fast! Asking too soon; asking without backup; asking under the wrong circumstances, and you lose!

What about me?
You always should be able to answer that question; it's going to get asked, even if indirectly. Have the elevator speech ready.

Be present
Don't try to influence someone with your mind on something else: they will know. (Mike Clayton)

Words matter
If you can't draw it in words, you probably can't get it across. And, if you are uncaring or insensitive in choice of words, it's not going to succeed if it is understood. For a good example of the power of words, see: Winston Churchill.

Believable manner
Slow down, and pause from time to time. A rush feels like a hustle. Calm makes you seem confident... and trustworthy. (Mike Clayton)

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