Monday, August 10, 2015

We don't do manifestos

You gotta love the first bullet from this conclusion by Stephen Welby, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Systems Engineering, speaking at the AFEI Agile for Government Summit, November 21, 2013

When he says in the 4th bullet point "upcoming revisions to 5000.2", he is referring to the DoD instruction for operation of the Defense acquisition system, revised in the fall of 2013, and then revised again in January, 2015. This latest version of the instruction describes six models of how to acquire systems, the third of which, Model 3, describes an incremental methodology that is "agile" like. Of course, there are a lot of non-development swim lanes and pre- and post- tasks, as you would expect in an organization accustomed to working at large scale.

There are, of course, a myriad of "how to" acquisition guides for the program manager. Mitre, a DoD think tank contractor, has a decent acquisition guide written in 2014. You can download a pdf here.
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