Thursday, August 22, 2013

This blog is not about politics and public policy, but the current discourse on meta data brings the subject to the fore in many project meetings because meta data is all around us.

I ran across an interesting project management blog posting precisely on this point that I commend to your inspection and reflection. An excerpt:
The great thing about a project is you can describe it however you want. It just needs to have a goal, a beginning and an end. However, if you subscribe to the project assembly line as the main driver of your value portfolio, then the richness of your project descriptions are paramount. A complete taxonomy with multi-faceted meta is the traffic analyst’s dream. All the analyst needs is one class instance to be thrown, and intelligence is to be gained. Decisions can be made based on probabilities. All of the big data is tamed, as it is now corralled into the project taxonomy. Yes, project, the same thing that is driving your value!

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