Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Paper project?

"Reading on paper is 10-30% faster than reading online, plus reviewing notes and highlights is significantly more effective"

Could this claim be true? (I read it in a newspaper ad for paper! Well, hello!)

Does your project run online or on paper? Probably both.  My own experience -- probably like yours -- is that reading online tends to encourage scanning the text rather than reading in depth. Are we trained by texts and twitter to avoid the long form?

For me search and recall dominates: if I can't store, scan, search, annotate, and share a document online then I actually don't want the document, including books. 

All of my professional books are now bought as e-books, though I prefer paper if I'm buying for personal use.

Privacy, secrecy, paper, and (gasp!) the typewriter!

 Now we learn this: The Kremlin's New Cyber-Security Strategy: Russia’s Federal Protective Service, a KGB successor agency in charge of protecting President Vladimir Putin and his officials, has placed an order for 20 typewriters and is ready to pay $750 each for them

But, have they thought it all the way through? Remember carbon paper? That was one of the worst security hazards!