Thursday, March 21, 2013

Six social-media skills

Roland Deiser and Sylvain Newton have an interesting article on the McKinesy Quarterly (free registration required) about the skills leaders and managers should acquire re social media.

This subject seems relevant to we project managers, risk managers, and change agents, so I'll just highlight a few points to peak your interest in reading what they have to say

First, they divide the skill set into personal skills and strategic organizational skills. Then they subdivide these two categories.

For personal skills, they talk about:
  • Producer
  • Distributer
  • Recipient

For application to the organization, they talk about:
  • Advisor
  • Architect
  • Analyst
 Fair enough..

Now, the interesting part is some of the attributes or tasks that they assign to each of these six. For example, the Producer should work on technical skills so as to develop authenticity, artistic vision, and storytelling  when engaging with social media.

The Architect should leverage/apply social media functionality/capability to develop a balance between vertical accountability and horizontal collaboration.

Each of the other four skills have similar annotation and explanation. If one could get all together, you'd probably have a very savvy skill set for the social media effects on the enterprise.

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