Tuesday, March 19, 2013

ISO 21500 Project Management

ISO has published -- December, 2012 -- the first version of the 21500 standard on project management. The official site for 21500 is here.

While doing a little background research on this, I ran across a nice one-page comparison of 21500 with PMI's PMBOK. This article on projectmanagers.org was written by Angel Berniz who works from Madrid, Spain

The good news for the PMP crowd is that there are not many differences between the the two standards since ISO used the PMBOK as the foundation for 21500. A few things are added, and a few things are rearranged, but it's largely the same content (so it's reported; I've not read 21500). For instance, Stakeholder Management has been added as a knowledge area. But the 42 processes in the PMBOK have been consolidated into 39 in 21500.
Angel Berniz
Angel Berniz

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