Sunday, August 26, 2012

Modular contracting

From the White House in Washington we get this news:
There is to be "Greater Accountability and Faster Delivery Through Modular Contracting"

And good news that is, indeed. In a document helpfully titled: "Contracting Guidance to Support Modular Development" we learn that it is US policy to encourage:
agencies to shift away from the bloated, multi-year projects so common in the past to a more nimble approach. The guidance provides our IT, acquisition, finance, and program officials practices for how they can, working together as part of an integrated program management team, break investments into more manageable chunks; eliminate the costly lag between when the government defines its requirements and delivers solutions; and begin delivering workable solutions shortly after contract award. By requiring frequent deliverables, agencies will also be better able to hold contractors accountable for keeping projects on track and delivering solutions that truly meet agency needs. And by breaking investments into smaller chunks, agencies may be able to drive more competition – including small businesses that might not have been equipped to compete for the massive, multi-year projects of the past. And more competition means a better value for the American people

Agile government projects, anyone? :)