Monday, August 20, 2012

Agile and the DoD (again)

David F. Rico has a presentation about Agile in the DoD. He presents a compelling case for agile in large scale systems and in enterprises steeped in traditional methods, and those highly regulated for quality and compliance to standards.

There is both a video of his presentation, and a slide set. You can get all the details for accessing the video at Herding Cats. Once you're into the video, you can click on the right-side panel for another window to open with just the slide set.

If you're interested in other perspectives, search for 'agile' in the online journal for DoD software engineering "Crosstalk"; there are dozens of good articles there on DoD projects and process.

Another summary of things going on is given to us by Jeff Sutherland on his "DoD goes Agile" posting. He (Jeff) quotes from the 2010 Defense budget authorization bill:
The key language is this:
(2) be designed to include—
(A) early and continual involvement of the user;
(B) multiple, rapidly executed increments or releases of capability;
(C) early, successive prototyping to support an evolutionary approach; and
(D) a modular, open-systems approach.
Basically, for the DoD at least, Agile became the law. Here's the report the DoD returned to congress

Or, for my perspective, you can read here or below:

Agile and the DoD
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