Saturday, October 29, 2011

Too much already!

Mike Clayton at Shift Happens! has a nice post on portfolio prioritization. He asks this question:
Why do so many Organisations Resist Rationalising their Project Portfolios?
And, then he answers his own question with five reasons:
  • Patronage
  • It's all too difficult
  • Is it really essential?
  • Loss aversion
  • Lessons unlearned
Well, Clayton thinks #5 is the one, and I agree. He goes on to expand:
1.Lack of clear links between the project and the organisation’s key strategic priorities, including agreed measures of success.
2.Lack of clear senior management and Ministerial ownership and leadership.
3.Lack of effective engagement with stakeholders..
4.Lack of skills and proven approach to project management and risk management.
5.Too little attention to breaking development and implementation into manageable steps.
6.Evaluation of proposals driven by initial price rather than long-term value for money (especially securing delivery of business benefits).
7.Lack of understanding of, and contact with the supply industry at senior levels in the organisation.
8.Lack of effective project team integration between clients, the supplier team and the supply chain.
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