Thursday, October 27, 2011

A great place to work

Over at HBR Blog, Tony Schwartz waxes on the 12 Attributes of a Truly Great Place to Work. We've all seen lists like this one, but take a look at some of the comments to the blog. They are both amusing (as in: fire yourself before they can) and insightful (like, it's all about trust)

Admittedly, the first six are a little expensive for many and assume a brick-and-mortar environment, (provide a gym, and provide good food in the cafeteria) but the universally applicable advice gets started in number 7. 

However, I skip all the way to 11 (provide learning and skill development opportunity) and 12 (stand for something besides profit--which I take to be a surrogate concept since there are non-profits and government units that can benefit from this list)

In my mind, to not be constantly learning is to be going backward, and backward is not forward to a better future.  And, surely, even if the business of business is business (I think a CEO of Coke said that), there's got to be more to it than that, although I admit that the business of business is not God and Country.  When I moved from the DoD to private industry, I learned that pretty quick!

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