Saturday, August 13, 2011

You are leaving the American sector

50 years ago today

The Berlin Wall, April 13, 1961

For a number of years, I lived in Berlin, attached to an intelligence unit there. We watched over "GSoFG"--Group, Soviet Forces Germany--that maintained a large army in East Germany and the Berlin area. Locally, we called it the "outpost of freedom", 110 miles inside East Germany.

This is really what it looked like:


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  1. I was on a train going from Mannheim (8th Armor Division Air Support Battalion) to Berlin for a training meeting (CH-47 pilot orientation).

    We traded our Warrant Office bars for Russian Officer bars and our 101st Air Born shoulder patch (we I got in Vietnam) for some insignia from the Russians on the train.

  2. Re trading at the border stations: so did we all!


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