Sunday, August 14, 2011

Quotation on feedback

Systems of information-feedback control are fundamental to all life and human endeavor, from the slow pace of biological evolution to the launching of the latest space satellite....

Everything we do as individuals, as an industry, or as a society is done in the context of an information-feedback system.
J.W. Forrester
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  1. John,

    Here's some thoughts I worked on in the past

  2. Glen: I think you paper has some good points. I think you ought to finish it some day. Re Fig 7: customarily, there is a functional block in the feedback line to adjust the output to for phase and amplitude to match the input, thus creating an error.

    However, on a larger scale, a simple amplifier in the forward loop is not a model for a project or a project process. A project is a transformative device such that the output does not resemble the input. Thus the feedback can only be a sample of meta data about the output that is representative of the input. (See also: Earned value)

    Re Fig 9: aren't 'requirements' (not shown) the reference signal.


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