Thursday, August 18, 2011

Four leadership roles

Blogs are all about lists and checklists, but hey! that's not all bad. Whole books have been written about the power of checklists

Here's another list: Four leadership roles for the program manager, and it comes with a swell graphic:

Chief Storyteller

Stories are a universally understood and appealing method for organizing thinking and persuading others. You can weave a lot of information into the telling AND you also arouse your listener’s emotions and energy.

Chief Learning Officer

The job of the leader is to create a constructive environment for learning. Of course, the premise is: there's something to learn. And what's to learn? About the vision, the mission, the direction, the imperative to move forward; certainly not the mechanics of project management, which most executives don't know anyway

Chief Integration Officer

Leaders fit the strategic initiative and its outcomes within the larger organizational, political, and social context. Pay attention to interfaces among these because many failures occur at the interfaces of these disparate systems.

Chief Decision Architect

The leader’s guiding principle as Chief Decision Architect is this simple guiding principle: Effective decisions lead to quality results.  Of course, there's also to consider efficient decision making--efficiency often plays into and affects effectiveness.  There's a case for deliberate and there's a case for 'get on with it!'

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