Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Online statistics for the curious

In another posting I mentioned the Khan Academy as an excellent source of online learning in a video format with a really talented instructor, Sal Khan.

Now, Khan occasionally uses a simulator in his statistics presentations to demonstrate things like "central tendency" and sampling distributions. Of course, it's all free and available to anyone. The simulations are part of an entire introductory level course in statistics for the practical minded at "online statistics book", an 'interactive multimedia course of instruction'.

I have tried the demonstration/simulation of the hazards of doing arithmetic on ordinal numbers. This demonstration is fully interactive and is very instructive of what we've preached here before many times.

And, there are self tests included.

Answer: False

If've you got an interest in using some clever interactive tools to sharpen your understanding of some of the statistical concepts that project managers run into everyday, give a look

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