Sunday, May 15, 2011

Communicating with web portals

I ran across a succinct article on 5 Tips for developing project web portals, and a link to, as an example of a useful portal used for disseminating program information to the public. There was also mention of several tools.

Given the communication-centric job description of project managers, and given the age-old task of communicating to a broad audience of varied interests, skills, and loyalty to the project, the five tips on getting to a portal for a project are useful to review:
1. Tackle the basics first and use layers. Putting a portal on top of bad document management or correspondence management will not resolve broken systems.
2. Take an empirical, test-based approach to selecting software.
3. Make lists. Create "a long-ish list" of possible solutions considering the following factors: open source versus proprietary, software as a service versus on premise and regional influence.
4. Allow requirements to evolve.
5. Don't be afraid to start over.

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