Monday, March 14, 2011

Oxygen Rules

Laszlo Bock said: "My first reaction was, that's it?"

As recently reported, Bock was commenting on Google's "rules" on how to be a good manager, something that grew out of an internal project begun in 2009.  Bock runs 'people operations' at Google, what is HR to the rest of the corporate world.

And a glace at the rules, below--a result of data mining thousands of data items at Google about team and individual performance, and manager performance in a project named "Oxygen"--are not exactly earth-moving in their insight.  On the other hand, there is a certain elegance in their simplicity and completeness. And certainly anyone who has struggled to be a good manager, or has worked for a good manager, or has worked for a bad manager, will recognize the universal wisdom of these 'rules,.

Not that this stuff hasn't been written down before and can't otherwise be found in sources.  Indeed, there's a lot of common sense in what's written down.  But it never hurts to take a moment and review and reflect:

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