Friday, March 4, 2011

More on Agile and the DoD

Close upon the heels of PMI's announcement of their embrace of Agile, the US DoD is stoking the fire as well, evidenced by the industry conference in April, to wit:

According to their marketing release:
Why Attend —The Value Proposition

Agile development and test will improve DoD’s acquisition of IT applications leveraging cloud computing and service oriented architectures used by information sharing applications such as collaboration (strategic and tactical intelligence) analysis, ISR sensor “fusion” processing, coalition and joint tactical operations, logistics and sustainment support, transportation functions, geospatial and decision support apps, medical or health care record sharing, etc.,).

The new paradigm is significantly different and should not be confused by today’s spiral development process. Agile sprints are comprised of (smaller line-of-code) projects, month not years time driven release commitments with integrated development, operational, interoperability and user acceptance testing.

Once implemented, DoD user approved requirements tailored for each sprint (vice large Requirement comprised Major Programs of Record) will create a new “partnership” relationship amongst industry and government users, developers and testers.

Yea verily, and press on!

Of course, I'm not an unbiased commentator.  I've written a book on agile in large scale organizations, and I've written papers on the topic of DoD and Agile.  I've worked as a Program Manager within DoD, and as contractor for DoD.  So, count me among those who hope their initiative succeeds.

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