Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Virtual meeting sin

We've all been there and know the genre well. But an article by Eilene Zimmerman on virtual meetings caught my eye with this statement:
Participants in virtual meetings often feel a lowered sense of accountability

Good grief! That's probably not news, but accountability is at the heart of successful projects, so this statement should be a heads-up to any program manager that has to depend on the virtual setting.

Ms Zimmerman, quoting an industry expert, goes on to say: "In face to face meetings people really show up, not just physically but also mentally." And this damning statement: to a 'real' meeting, "....they come to the meeting prepared..." Left unsaid: to a virtual meeting no one bothers with preparation. Preparation: what a concept!

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  1. I have noticed this on my projects. I used yo have project status conference calls instead of meetings even though the team was local. The idea was that smaller or simpler project status meetings usually only took 10 minutes. It was a matter of efficiency and convenience. The problem was that people often did not call-in because they did not think it was important. I quit doing that and have meetings now.


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