Wednesday, October 20, 2010


How is isopraxism working for you in your project?

Not sure? Let's take a moment to define the term:

Imitation 1. "A non-learned neurobehavior in which members of a [team] act in a like manner" 
Principle of mimicry 2. Copying, emulating, or aping a behavior, gesture, or fad.
 Impulsive tendency 3. To wear the same style of jewelry, clothing, or shoes.

The fact is, this behaviorial attribute is what makes leaders attractive to's what infects and affects the followers. It gives rise to team cohesion and a 'all for one' spirit.

If a leader has energy, drive, and confidence, then the phenomenom of isopraxism will transfer those feelings...through a desire to the whole team. They say imitation is the highest compliment, but imitation is almost an un-learned and unconscious reaction to a favorable behavior.

Absorbing the leader's traits is what it's all about. It's what make the quarterback essential, but it's what requires that the quarterback hold his head up and be confident in the huddle....any hint of fear or dispair will be picked up and mimicked.

So, if you're the PM and the team is down, discouraged, you need only look to yourself for the fix. You're the leader; isopraxism is the connection!

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