Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Change Curve

I ran into a blog item on change the other day, at a blog site called Rule of Thumb.

The posting entitled "The Change Curve", depicts a project management adaption of the change model proposed by Elisabeth Kubler-Ross in her book "On Death and Dying" when she described the "Five Stages of Grief"

Rule of Thumb proposes this model:
•Satisfaction: Example – “I'm happy as I am.”
•Denial: Example – “This isn’t relevant to my work.”
•Resistance: Example – “I’m not having this.”
•Exploration: Example – “Could this work for me?”
•Hope: Example – “I can see how I make this work for me.”
•Commitment: Example – “This works for me and my colleagues.”

And, this figure accompanies the posting.  It illustrates the familar "dip" that occurs after change before the positive affects of change go into effect.  However, it's annotated with the model ideas [given above]. 

So, there's not a lot new here, but as always, sometimes rearranging the deck chairs provides new insight.

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