Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Managing Millinneals

Did you catch the article on a new training doctrine in the July 2010 issue of "Military Officer"? If not, here's something that caught my eye that--if you are an 'old fart' PM [born before 1980]--you might find instructive:
Members of the millennial generation [born after 1980] "communicate--and recreate--differently, as a result of technology that is omnipresent in our society. .... They question orders like [they] have always done, but sociologists tell us they do that not because they are being confrontational, but because they are interested in improving outcome. They form teams to solve problems in different ways, probably due to the way they use technology to communciate"
LTGEN Mark Hertling

"Interested in improving outcome"? Sounds good to me!

In my last project, populated extensively by millennials, one of my comptemporary colleagues commented of our team: "I have shoes older than these people!"

Time passes!

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