Monday, February 26, 2024

Chief A.I. Officer

So it didn't take long. 
AI has invaded the C-Suite, the latest title being Chief A.I. Officer, aka CAIO.
The job description is partly directed at technology, partly directed at culture, and partly directed at functional impacts, like HR, recruiting, and intellectual property.

What does it mean to project management?
In the PMO, the CAIO is going to be there to help you! (I'm from HQ, and I'm here to help)
  • Safety and security: Every project's use or application of AI has safety and security on the project risk register or project agenda. Safety insofar as user's experiences are concerned re exposure to unintended content or performance or functionality. Security insofar as exposing user's to security holes for what seems like an ever expanding range of attacks.

  • HR effects: Predictions are that AI tools will be more threatening to white collar college educated professionals than Joe-the-plumber and other hands-on trades which are not robotic. So will you be under pressure to replace your favorite project professionals with an AI device?

  • Recruiting: What do you tell recruits about your project and enterprise culture re the oncoming AI thing? The fact is: whatever you say today is open to changes tomorrow. Stability and predictability in the job description is going to be a chancy thing.

  • Intellectual property: IP is the source of a lot of enterprise value. But in the AI world, who owns what, especially derivatives from "fair use". And, of course, the patent mess, and the local, state, and federal statutory baseline (admittedly, slow moving, but moving nonetheless; got to keep up!) 
Suffice to say: It's not your father's PMO anymore!

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