Thursday, February 22, 2024

3 E's drive success

Lee Cockerell, a retired Disney executive and author of several successful business books, says this about the people you want on your project: 
  • Hire and retain people who value "reliability" in commitments and relationships, and 
  • Hire and retain people who value the "3 E's" (or maybe it's 4 E's)

Education + Exposure + Experience = Excellence
Cockerell's points should be self evident:
  • People who are committed to their task, organization, or even to their colleagues and supervisors show that commitment by deed, to wit: they show up, on time in the right place, in a state of readiness to do the work of the day. And they make an effort to be a reliable, contributing partner during the work process.

  • Education (and the related professional credentials) are not enough. It's also not enough to work (and even live) in the same company, job, and location for a career. Of course, who does that anymore? Exposure to other lifestyles, culture, work environments ... foreign and domestic ... in combination with the experience of actually doing the job is that leads to "excellence".

  • And the most successful among us are those who place great importance and value on "excellence". And so continuing education ... formal and informal ... purposeful exposure, and time-over-target (experience) are the 'work-on-everyday' elements of achieving excellence.

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