Friday, July 8, 2022

Social Media vs Project culture .... same?

The questions have been raised in various forums (and not only in the PM industry):
How much should the project culture be a influencing factor on the social media culture of project participants?

Can they be in opposition successfully?

Is it ok for PMO policy to insist that the project not be compromised on social media?

Before the pandemic, the same might have been said of dress codes (and hair cuts and body decoration, etc) in the office: don't embarrass the project, because influential sponsors, users, investors, et al might drop in. 

Tricky stuff
But we all know freedom of expression is more tricky, more sensitive, more litigious, more everything than something like a dress code. And, when you extend the project workforce internationally, all the more so. Not only are there different interpretations of the same expression(s), there are different norms and expectations. All this gets broadcast without borders.

Strangers in our midst
Then comes the virtual thing: it may well be that much of the workforce has never actually been in the office; may not have actually met policy makers (and enforcers); may not have actually had any professional colleague pay any attention to their social media presence heretofore. 

How do you form effective relationships in such situations?

The cheap answer: Return to the office!
The other answer: Say what you will, but if what you say is aimed directly at the project, then by your own actions you've deliberately engaged with project policy. If you can't abide the policy, then work on your resume ..... if there is no avenue to appeal the policy.

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