Tuesday, July 5, 2022

AGILE: how to get there from left to right

If you are new to Agile (thus, perhaps, a late adopter .... or a newbie to the software industry) read through this posting at LeadingAnswers. 

The big message is: 
Internalize the founding concepts and guiding principles before jumping into sundry Agile practices. 

Start left; move right
In particular, understand this lecture: Absorb the idea of moving 'left to right' from the founding ideas to the many implementing practices. Avoid the shortcut to cut to the chase and start pick among the practices. 

If your mindset is "I'm not keen on the founding stuff; I'm a 'doer'", then LeadingAnswer's post is really designed for you! 

Read it through; take time to grasp the message in the graphics, and then summarize to yourself what you just learned. You and your project will be more successful than you might have been.

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