Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Good process; good outcome

Good process improves the chance of good outcomes and reduces unforced errors ....
Robert Gates, former US Defense Secretary
This bit of wisdom seems obviously good on the surface, except that some of our PMO and project leaders are just not process-people.

They don't think in terms of finish-to-start order, merging of parallel paths of investigation or action, or even of allocation of resources in non-conflicting manner.

And some of most esteemed political leaders are famously not process oriented, Franklin Roosevelt perhaps the poster-boy for disorganized governance.

Error containment
And so, what to do if your guy is not a process person, no matter their other talents?
Enter: systems of containment, even if subtle. Example: General George Marshall, who ran the military side of WW II, refused to meet with Roosevelt except officially, and always with an agenda.

Ah, if only the world could fit neatly on a process map!

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