Saturday, July 18, 2020

Changing the culture

To change culture ...... you have to have continuous training, systems of accountability, and consequences.
J. Scott Thomson
It's hard to argue with the formula; in fact, no argument taken

However, perhaps Mr Thomson assumed the obvious: you have to have a vision of the future state of culture in order to orient and align training to that vision.

And, there are always errors of alignment in any system. So, establishing tolerable error bounds, as in any process, is necessary. One should think of consequences allotted on a sliding scale depending on compliance --  from perfection on one end to completely unacceptable on the other.

Of course accountability is a tricky matter as well: there's personal accountability for one's own actions, thoughts, deeds; to wit: self-control as well as internalized conceptions. But, then there's accountability of others for the actions of others, whether voluntary or managerial. (See: if you see something, say something).

The former doesn't fit into an accountability system so well, but the latter surely does.

Also left unsaid by Mr Thomson is something I'm sure he knows well: it takes a lot of time to internalize what might be known instantly intellectually. And, physical systems that might have to change have their own inertia, to say nothing of the laws of physics and money.

Tricky business this; but time to get started

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