Friday, December 6, 2019

Rules to communicate by

I've always subscribed to the notion that the top three things for a PM to do are:
  1. Communicate often
  2. Communicate effectively
  3. Communicate widely
Perhaps I should have made "effectively" the first thing on the list. In any event, at every occasion (often, widely), here are the workflow rules for effective communications:

Two rules
Remember this
Rule 1
       Tell them what you’re going to tell them
       Tell them
       Tell them what you told them
Rule 2
If “they” don’t get it, it’s not their fault

Re Rule 2:
  • If at first you don't convey it, back out and reformulate
  • You can't show frustration
  • You can't show irritation
  • You can't blame it on the audience if they don't get it
  • You can take it off-line to try again

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