Sunday, December 15, 2019

Hey, it's OK

A few weeks ago, I posted about "they" as the new gender-neutral singular pronoun, as in this usage:
"When the project manager establishes a schedule, they really mean it"
Fair enough

But now, here's news you can use: OK has new partners
  • For the older set, it's still ok to use OK in text and email
  • For the younger set, KK often replaces OK, but sometimes K replaces KK
Got it? It's only a matter of a simple mapping and substitution code. OK maps to KK, which in turn maps to K, thus OK can also map to K, and the reverse holds as well.

Such coding has been going on for awhile, but now it's been long enough that we can say that the usage is mainstream with many people, even if not with the OK traditionalists!

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