Friday, September 20, 2019

Culture vs Strategy

Culture vs strategy? Put that way, it sounds like a competition
Hello! It is.
And: "Culture eats strategy for breakfast every day" (Unknown author)
Meaning: Change is hard! People are gounded in culture; it's foundational; it's a matter of security and well-being. Resist!

Bring your A-game
Any strategic idea that has to overcome culture better be a strong one. Come with your A-game! Expect losses (*). The cost will be greater than you estimate; and it will take longer.

Velocity will seem like you are dragging anchors (Actually, you probably are)
Don't expect popularity. In fact, you may not be a survivor ... but it's for a good cause!

Not particulary PC, but the expression used to be: "Shoot the first one; hang the second; the rest will follow"

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